Angie C

Hot Teen Angie C in sexy black lingerie

Angie is a real sexy and hot brunette teen. Her beauty is almost astonishing. And she has a body that would make anyone go crazy, just by looking at it. Her face is pretty and those greenish-blue eyes are mesmerizing. That black lingerie really looks good on her but still I prefer to see her naked. And thankfully I get what I want. The one where she slowly pulls down her panties in a doggy pose is just enough to get you on. After a lot of mind blowing poses while slowly getting rid of her clothes, we finally get to see her white, petite body in full, and man it's a body worth checking out. Best of this babe's body, aside from her face, are her tits. They maybe only just normal tits, but they're pale white color and those nipples on them are amazing. Really makes your hand shake just for a little touch, and the pic where she's lying on the bed, fully naked with a cute face showing off her sweet, shaved pussy along with her tits is probably my favorite shot.

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