Brunch By Me

This sexy blonde bitch invited me over for dinner one night. She said she was gonna cook rosemary chicken for me and maaaan I freakin' dig that shit! So I happily obliged, just for that amazing rosemary chicken she was bragging to me about. So alright, just to be polite I brought some champagne and also for a sign of thanks. When I got to her apartment I was not really expecting what was waiting for me. Instead of smelling the delicious aroma of the baked rosemary chicken, I smelled the sweet scent of a wet cunt! Not that I'm complaining but she could have just told me beforehand! This blonde slutling did not even speak a word, she just took my arm and led me to the kitchen and showed me what I was going to have for 'dinner'. In other words, she stripped naked right in front of me. Man, my cock was so hard I felt like exploding right then and there! She had on some sexy panties and a white top and he slowly took them off one by one until I could see see her perky pair of tits and fine young ass! She said she was going to heat my dinner, so after she got her juicy pussy all heated up, she served me my meal. It was fucking delicious! Much better than rosemary chicken!

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