Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert in A Workout To Remember

Having a nice, little work-out at the gym? Going all out on that punching bag, till she's all wet and fatigued, and we're about to get a good look at the fruit of her exercises. Considering her hot, petite body, of course. Cause, she's really proud of her achievements, no doubt, and she wanna show it to us. So who am I, to say no to such an eye-feast? And considering that her body is quite lustrous, it's gonna be a blast. So this hot, brunette babe is gonna show us her body in a really sweet stripping, right down to naked. Also, while she's at it, she's gonna show us, what she does after finishing her work-out. So after she peeled off those distractions off her body, panties after T-shirt, she's gonna have a nice masturbation, as well. It's all part of the work-out plan for this babe. So after we get to see those shiny, tiny tits and she decides to introduce her sweet, shaved pussy to us, she's gonna start her other exercise. Which is to keep her pussy in shape, as well. She likes this one better cause it's even more enjoyable, no doubt. And we also get to see that wet pussy in a great closeup shot, too.

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