Constanza Mengotti Nude

Busyt blonde Constanza Mengotti from Argentina

An extremely hot, blonde babe is about to show off her skinny body, naked to us. A true blonde bombshell, if I might add. She's also one of those babes, who likes to start already naked, so we don't have to wait long, to see every beauty of her body. Though at half-way of the shots, we do get to see her in a cute lingerie, which looks pretty hot on her, but I every babe always looks better naked, so. Anyway, outdoor, on a ship, she's doing some pretty intense poses in these glamour shots, which are nothing short of mind blowing. Her tits are pretty much in the golden middle, in size. Meaning that they're no too big, and not too small. Let's just say, that they're normal tits. And is it just me, or the size of those beauties are just enough to fit in your hands perfectly. I bet they're also pretty soft to the touch. As for her pussy; well, we only get to see it in a full frontal body view, mainly cause these shots aren't mainly focusing on that. So the only thing I can tell about it, is that it's a shaved pussy. But I'm pretty sure that it looks just as hot, as the babe itself.

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