Danielle Anderson

Danielle Anderson shows off big Boobs and hot Ass

Danielle Anderson. Few babes can say that they have such a stunningly sexy, petite body like her. With such huge assets, that form the well known "s" curve. And this blonde beauty is gonna show that to us, in it's full beauty by stripping down to naked from that hot bodysuit. Though she likes to take it slow, that's because she's only tempting you. You can see that in her eyes, when she looks at you like that, and she knows that we're all waiting for those huge jugs to finally be revealed. But once she starts to untie that distraction of a swimsuit, we finally get to see those beauties. I think it would unnecessary to point out, that they're big tits. But I do feel that I have to point out, that they're also fake tits. I hope, I didn't destroyed a world in you. My bad. Though if you're a fan of enhanced beauties, than this babe's body have probably blown your brains through the roof. Aside from her beautiful face and mind blowing chest balloons, she also has a really nice pussy. But right now, she's a bit reluctant to show it. It's saddening a bit, but I believe the sight of those tits are more than compensating enough.

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