Darisha On The Road

Hot brunette Darisha On the road again

An hot, brunette teen with an outstanding white, petite body. In one word, it's Darisha. Looking at her face I had to say, she's one of the cutest babe's I've ever seen in my life. Her crystal clear, puppy eyes are one of a kind. Not to mention her sweet smile. That white waist-top she wears and those shorts, already zipped down, makes me feel I'm about to witness something naughty on the side of the road. After she removes her top, we get to see her tits, which more like normal tits in size, but they look so hand luring, and I love those cute, little nipples on them. After she went fully naked, we got a good look at the rest of her charms. And it seems she's quite flexible, as well which is always a good thing, if you wanna try out some new poses with her in the bed. I have to say that her ass is a sweet one. Tight and round, and if you really wanna get a good look at it, like I did, she kindly made a closeup shot of her ass for us. Her pussy is kinda what you'd expect from a young teen. Nice and pink.

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