Dionne Daniels Step Off!

Busty blonde Dionne Daniels posing on the stairs

Now that is what I call an extremely hot blonde babe. Aside from her hot, petite body, she has a face like a dream. I mean a good kinda dream. Anyway, this hot beauty is about to do a little stripping in a front of us in these hot glamour shots. Not exactly down to full naked, but she'll reveal those which are the most conspicuous. So after a naughty and somewhat suggestive look on her face, while posing on that statue -damn, I'm jealous of it- she starts to finally get rid of that bikini top, revealing those nice boobs she has under it. I believe it's safe to say, that they're big tits. But I also love that slightly pointy shape it has. It's like it's made to be perfectly fit into our hands. Unfortunately, she doesn't feel like getting the bikini bottoms off of her body. Which is a bit saddening, and I hope that she changes her mind about that, the next time we see her. One can only hope, I mean, considering what a stunningly hot body she has, I'm pretty sure that her pussy is nothing short of divine. Nevertheless, those boobs are kinda make up for it.

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