Elena Bedtime

Gorgeous teen Elena shows her sweet pussy

Elena is such a cute and sexy brunette teen. It seems she was getting ready for some shut eye in her room but before that, she thought it would be best if she'd show off her sweet shaved pussy with some posing. And man do she has the right to. Starting in a cute white panties, we can already see much of her stunning, petite body and she already has that cute and naughty smile on her face. I'm guessing she has as much fun as we. Well at least I had. Truthfully I was already amazed right at the first photo. That pose is brilliant, where she's lying on the bed with spread legs, cause there that sweet and tight booty is perfectly highlighted. Really makes you wanna play drum on it. And when she bends over on the bed, showing that sweet, shaved pussy is a must see, as well. And if you wanna get a closer look at that delicacy, she made sure, we have a closeup shot of it, too. She also likes to rub and play with it, while she's at it. Her tits though are decent. They're only normal tits.

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