Erotic Splash

I once dated a chick who had a serious baody odor problem. What? Don't judge me, she sucks a cock like a pro that's why I kept her for one night. Anyway, so this chick rarely takes a shower so her aroma is so fucking potent that sometimes I would just throw up while I'm on top of her ramming away in her pussy. So one day I decided enough is enough. I can't handle this barf fest any longer. Well, I didn't want to dump the chick either. I mean I didn't have a lot of opportunities to meet a chick at that time so I suggested something I knew a nymphomaniac like herself couldn't resist...shower sex. Of course she didn't like the idea of jumping in the shower for sex but eventually this horny chick enjoyed shower sex so much I couldn't pull her out of it. She'd spend most of her free time in the bathroom either playing with herself or if I'm there, milk my cock dry. This hot little slut in the shower that we have for you tonight reminds me of that chick. She has the same facial features though not as yummy as this one. Damn. Look at those perky tits...and let's not miss out on that cute little ass and wet pussy!

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