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It was the morning after this curly blonde teen's birthday and she was cleaning the kitchen before her parents come home from their trip out of town. Your usual teen would just have went on in the kitchen sweeping away but not this slutty teen! Oh no, she felt ultra horny from the boys groping her last night that she woke up really horny and dying for a cock. But all the boys have gone and she's left dealing with her horniness alone. She's still in her floral dress she wore last night and everything's the same except her panties were even wetter today. Somehow during the night she must've had too much naughty fun getting drunk hoping for a hard cock to fuck her senseless on her birthday. Today, she wants to do something about her horniness so she hops on to the table and slips her panties to the sides to show us her sweet pink pussy! Mmm...take a look at those juicy pussy lips dying to be eaten! She slips her dress down to her waist as she shows us her perky tits too! Damn...if I was in her party I'd definitely give her the birthday sex she craves for!

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