Hot Blonde Lana Lane

I'm sure by now you're probably wondering who this busty blonde bombshell is, eh? Well she's none other than Lana Lane. Her name might sound familiar. If I'm not mistaken that's the name of Superman's hot journalist chick. Yeah, this hot slut may not be Superwoman but she's got some super juicy tits on her that Superman won't be able to resist. Okay, that was too fucking cheesy but I'm sure you know the deal, right? Lol.I know I have a fucking corny sense of humor when I'm high on shit. Alright, well, right here is Lana Lane and she's very much excited to provide us the much needed naughty entertainment for tonight and she's doing it all in style. She's dressed in a sexy tank top and some skimpy panties plus comfy white sneakers. She's trying to nail the whole horny cheer leader slut look and I'd have to say without the pom poms, she's got the whole vibe. After a few moments of sluttily posing for the camera, she then takes off her top and boom boom boom! Her delicious pair of tits come out to play! Enjoying this sexy babe? There's more of her in this steamy pic gallery!

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Model: Lana Lane

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