Hot Paula Shy

Sexy Paula Shy exposes her super tight hot Body

A hot, latin babe in the gym, planning to make that work-out a little more interesting for us. Cause just seeing a brunette teen lifting weights is just dull. But Paula's thoughts about a nice workout is a little bit different and much more interesting. So what would it be, you ask. Well, what else but a hot stripping, right down to naked. And she also likes to heighten the mood a little with having a masturbation. But first, she's gonna show us the delicious beauties of her skinny body. In fact, right at the second shot we already get a good look at that nice, shaved pussy in a cool closeup shot. Looks pretty sweet up close, and especially when she spreads those pussy-lips with her fingers. And that's not the only closeup shot we get of it. The more the better. Of course, let's not forget the other thing, that is hiding under that T-shirt. First she pulls aside the T-shirt to get us a quick look at those cute normal tits, but later on she gets rid of it completely. As it should be. And I have to say, they look really sweet. Definitely the things I'd hold in my hands all day.

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