Katherine In White Bikini

Sexy blonde katherine in sexy white bikini

There are two things that gets me on real bad. A sexy, naked, blonde teen and an outdoor pool in an exotic environment. And thankfully, that's what we gonna see. Starting with looking at this hottie, who's name is Katherine by the way, and her amazing, white, petite body I immediately notice her tits. They're normal tits in size but I have to admit they look damn alluring with it's nice round shape and those cute little nipples. Not to mention that the sexyness of it is pretty much amplified with water all over it. A true treat to the eyes. By now I'm sure you'll noticed that her first photo is a naked and somewhere along the way she appears to have put her bikini on. I'm guessing she wanted to show it off, or something? Who knows, but one thing is definitely worth showing off and that is her pussy. I always find pussys with puffy pussy-lips a real eye-candy and her's is one of'em. When she shows it off, by spreading her legs is absolutely a mind blow, and if you wanna check it out even closer, she has a cool closeup shot of it to share as well.

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