Keisha Grey In Pool

Nothing like a hot, brunette babe posing in a cute bikini near and in the pool, outdoors. And doing something more, than just posing in a bikini. Cause she decides that that bikini is just too much, so she's gonna get rid of it fast. So fast, in fact, that right on the second shot, we already see her without the bikini top, with her sweet boobs fully exposed to our eyes. And I have to say, that I love what I'm seeing. I can't say, that they're big, but they're definitely not the small ones. Kinda like in the middle. Normal tits. And they look pretty sweet. Soft, smooth and I bet they're squishy, as well. But, for me, the best thing is that they're completely natural tits. But those beauties aren't the only thing, she's gonna show us of her hot, skinny body, while stripping down to naked. She's also gonna get that bikini bottom off of her body, too and show us what a fine pussy she has under it. A fine, shaved pussy, that looks really delicious. Especially, when she's spreading those sweet pussy-lips with her fingers in a nice closeup shot. Speaking of closeup shots, she also has one of her nice, firm booty, too and if you love tight and round things, than it's a must see for you.

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