Kendra Sunderland In Kitchen

The hot blonde slutling who goes by the name of Kendra Sunderland was in the mood for baking today so she struts her sexy tight body in the kitchen to find something but man...girls are so indecisive. A minute she wants to cook something in the oven, now she wants something to put in her oven! Okay, that's a bit cheesy but you know what I mean hey? She suddenly felt the urge to have a little bit of fun with her beloved toy and she wants to do in the kitchen, which only makes sense 'coz that's where the tasty stuff are! And I'm talking about Kendra Sunderland...her hot body so fucking edible! Okay, before I carried away here, let me just tell you what happened. So she decided to postpone baking for another day and she hops on the kitchen sink, her legs spread open and pulls her pink panties to the side, and she starts playing with her sweet pink pussy! When she was already wet, she then takes her toy and then undresses, her bouncy pair of tits on display! She does the fun on the kitchen floor, drilling her shaved cunt as she creams all over it!

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