Lauren Chelsea

Beautiful Lauren Chelsea in sexy blue dress

Lauren couldn't have found a better starting picture, than the one here. That blue dress looks really sexy on her, and she sits on that sofa in such a cute and luring way. I also love how she makes that face on the first few shots. It's like she's asking you to take a look on her photos, and who am I to leave out such a trip? I always enjoy watching white, brunette teens strip in front of me, but who don't? Honestly, I skipped the first pictures where she still had the blue dress on her, cause I'm more interested in her naked, petite body. That stocking on her looks really sexy, and I think the best pic, is where she bends over on the sofa and she shows that amazing ass. But that's not the only one that got my eye. Take a look at those boobs, it's so smooth and tight, it's almost shining and when she squeezes them with her arm, I almost lost it. While I'm always happy to see a truly sexy gal, like her, stripping down in a room in front of me, I somewhat feel that leaving on the panties is kinda like doing a half-job.

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