Lilly Banks

Lilly being home alone and feeling sexy herself

Lilly Banks is a cute, sexy hottie, who has the best method for killing time in her room. Showing her beautiful, white, slim body to us in a naughty way. We love babes who are like that. So let's not waste anymore time and let's see what she has to offer. We start with a photo of her face, and I admit that face is stuningly beautiful and if you take a closer look of that transparent lingerie, you can spot her perky nipples showing through. Then we see her laying on the bed with a cute smile on her face, and after that, the fun begins. She gets up with no lingerie on her, and we can partly see her titties which are covered by hair straight, auburn hair and hand, and it seems that short is about to disappear from her as well. Good. But there are still panties on her, but hopefully she gets rid of'em quick, and after a quick bottom out, she gets rid of those panties, finally and we get a nice look on her delicious, pink pussy and ass hole. While she's naked though, she gets a little pleasure out of it and starts to play with it and rubbing it, and it's a pleasure for us too and she even gives you a close-up look of it while she's at it. Yumm.

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