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Hey guys, can you guess what time is it? Yep, that's right! It's time for another game of 'play the peeping tom'! Well, if you haven't gotten the drift yet YOU fellas are supposed to be the peeping tom and the 'damsel in distress' is this teen blonde slutling who will pretend that she's tired from a day of cheer leading practice so she comes home all stressed out and wants to take a shower! So this is our cue to belt out the devious laugh and head over to her bathroom window to where we can see the kinky action. She slowly walks to to the bathroom door in her sheer pink lingerie looking so tasty until moments later you can see her inside the shower tube, the shower handle in hand as she begins to wet her sexy tight body and little by little you can see her curves and then her sweet pair of tits as she gets wetter and wetter. Moments later, she removes her sheer lingerie and viola--the sight of her shaved cunt can be seen before she turns her back, giving us a perfect view of her smooth ass! More of this peeping tom game in the rest of this steamy pic gallery!

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Model: Danica

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