Mango A Naked Teen Beauty

Mango dildoing herself in the bathroom

A naked beauty, taking a bath is always an exciting thing to see. Nothing like a sexy brown, petite body covered in white foam. I kinda like that shy little smile she has on these pics. She doesn't have such big tits, but I think that those normal tits kinda suits her. The photo where she sits on the bathtub, spreading her legs and showing her fully shaved pussy is especially hot, cause her pussy is one of the finest, I've ever seen. I got excited when I got to the part where she pulls out her dildo, cause I knew that we get to see that pussy in action. She washed down the foam off her, which is a bit sad, cause it would've looked a lot better if she left the foam on her pussy, but I guess she wanted us to see things clearly. First though, she just rubbing it to her pussy passionately and teasing us and then she pushes it up. There's even a closeup shot of it, and there you can see how those tasty pussy-lips just wraps around that dildo. Invigorating to say the least. Mango's definitely got herself on my Sexy Alluring Teens list.

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