Marica Hase

Sexy Asian babe Marica Hase shows her beautiful ass

To tell you the truth, I like nothing more than naked Japanese teens. Especially if they have brunette, straight, long hair. You know why? Cause they're really cute and almost every one of them has a beautifully smooth, petite body. And I see she's already starting in a bra and panties, that's good cause I hate it, when these girls have clothes on them. Seeing her petite body like this is much more better, in my opinion. It seems she's not shy to do some pretty intense poses, and the best thing about that, is that you get to see her pussy and her ass, perfectly. The only thing I never understood is why don't every babe take a closeup shot of their pussy or their ass? Those are mostly the highlights of these shots, I think. I also have to mention that her tits are really good, especially those perky nipples. I can spend all day, just playing with it with my tongue. Though on the other hand, if it were a bit bigger, It'd really be something to see. Normal sized tits are good, I admit, but bigger tits are the best.

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