Riley Reid Looking Sexy

Riley Reid Looking Sexy in the bathroom

Photos of a beautiful, brunette teen taking a bath. I can't get enough of those. Riley Reid is also a babe who thinks that going in the bathroom is always better, with a camera following her. And I think so, too. I love how she has that cheerful smile on her face. She's so happy she has some company, while taking that bath. Looking at that tattoo on her back, I can only think that it's like a guide to Heaven. After she gets that white bra and those panties off her, she daubs her skinny body with baby oil, that's why it's so lustrous and I see she really enjoys it. I love how she daubs it on her tits. Yeah, they're more like tiny tits, but when the baby-oil is on it, it looks pure sexy. I also like when she gets in the bathtub, there you can really see what an amazing ass she has. So round and so tight. Still the best part is when she's in that bathtub, getting all wet and covering her body with foam. I just love it, when she gets to her pussy. Rubbing and fingering that sweet and pink pussy, and that foam on it just adds an extra layer of sexy.

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