Sexy Brunette Michaela

Michaela is a gorgeous brunette whose piercing blue eyes will captivate you from the first moment you see her. As her clothes come off, your attention will wander to take in her slender voluptuous body and the delight of her sweet pussy that is wet and ready with anticipation of a good time. Michaela is ready for a good time on a lazy afternoon. She slips out of her sexy white top and stretches out on the carpet in her thong and bra, and then takes her time removing even those small pieces of clothing. Her hands slide up and down her smooth sun-kissed skin as she slowly allows the anticipation to build up, more and more. When she is finally fully naked, Michaela settles on the couch and commences a slow but thorough exploration of her lovely landing stripped pussy, her fingers are gentle at first, but they soon get rough, as she is turning onto her back, and she reaches one hand up to grope her ample breasts and starts to work on her needy clitoris with the other, while the person who she is thinking of is you. Make sure to join her in on the fun!

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Model: Michaela Isizzu

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