Skinny Sarah Naked Posing

Well, well, well..the meal may be skin and bones but surprisingly enough she's got some seriously edible tits for the picking! Okay, okay that sound like some Hannibal Lecter shit but I'm not into cannibalistic stuff unless you consider figuratively eating a pussy out into that same category. Listen, I know you're so used to seeing skinny chicks on your day to day. You know, those type of chicks who want to look like supermodels that their idea of a meal is a can of redbull and mentos. Yeah those chicks are the messed up type, you want to throw them a cheeseburger. I don't know about you, but no matter how hot a chick is, if you really have nothing to play with, or no cushion for the pushin then it ain't gonna be fun! But thankfully, this little slutling right here has the meat in the right places even if she's all skinny. Now, not only is she giving us a good tease by exposing her skinny but sexy body for us, she's giving it a little spice by playing with her sweet little pussy! Mmm mmm mmm...look at how she spreads her creamy legs wide for us and slides her slim fingers inside her delicious cunt!

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