Taylor Patrick

Hot Taylor Patrick posing in sexy black lingerie

Right now we're about to see a hot, brunette babe, Taylor Patrick in a nice glamour photo shooting, stripping down from that bra and panties to full naked. First thing I can say is that she has the body of a true bombshell teen. Just by the first picture you can clearly see that she's got curves. Her hot, white petite body is something that you see and you instantly long to touch it. Having nothing but a bra and panties on her, she's already amazing, and she's gonna throw those down as well, revealing the best parts on a babe's body, the pussy and the tits. Well her tits are not really big, in fact they're quite tiny, but if that's your favorite size, then you're gonna love this even more. Then finally slowly getting of those panties, emphasis on the slowly, cause I bet she's really wanna raise our excitement. And finally it gets off and her pussy is finally in front of our curious eyes. Though we don't get a really good frontal look of it, I see that it's fully shaved, so that's a plus point on my part, and I truly believe that it's sweet and pink. With a look like that, it's only natural to assume that.

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